Every year, as Christmas approaches

24th November 2016

Every year, as Christmas approaches, I always find myself making at least one present for someone.

Seems daft not to. Recently , during renovations to my house, some of the original deafening boards where exposed. There are literally millions of these short lengths of wood in Edinburgh alone, holding up the ash silencing (or deafening) between floors.

I was left with a handful of these roughly hewn lengths and was happily burning them when I noticed one had a nice natural curve to it. I set about it with a spoke shave and found it to be a beautiful, 150yr seasoned piece of quarter sawn spruce hiding within it a wooden spoon/spatula.

Now when I look up at my ceiling or down at the floor I cant help imagining thousands of beautiful wooden spoons laid out in rows. They’re certainly too good to burn!

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